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Larry Zoolander (father)
Mrs. Zoolander (mother; deceased)
Scrappy Zoolander (brother)
Luke Zoolander (brother)
Derek Zoolander Jr. (son)
Darlene Zoolander (daughter)
Matilda Jeffries (wife; deceased)
Valentina Valencia (wife)
Steve (ancestor)


Hansel McDonald
Matilda Jeffries
Valentina Valencia
Billy Zane


Jacobim Mugatu
Alexanya Atoz


Zoolander 2

Animation film(s)

Zoolander: Supermodel

Short film(s)

Derek Zoolander: Male model
Derek Zoolander University

Portrayed by

Ben Stiller

Derek Zoolander is a professional male model. He is the main protagonist of both Zoolander and Zoolander 2.


Larry Zoolander and his wife had three sons, Scrappy, Luke, and Derek. When Derek was in elementary school, being pleased with seeing his reflection on a spoon inspired him to make a career of it. While Scrappy and Luke went into their father's line of work; coal mining, Derek was signed by a talent agency. Following his inspiration originally paid off, as he won three consecutive modeling awards. However, by 2001 his star had faded to Hansel, a new up-and-comer. Zoolander was recruited by Jacobim Mugatu whom his agent Maury Ballstein encouraged to take the modeling job as it could be a chance to revive his career. Unknown to Derek, this was a sham to hypnotize Derek into assassinating the Prime Minister of Malaysia, who Mugatu wanted killed for hurting his business. The prime minister had recently outlawed child labor in his native country, and Derek would be the fall guy. However, Hansel and Matlida Jeffries uncover the conspiracy, and Derek saves the prime minister from outright murder by Mugatu.

Derek married Matilda Jeffries, and they had a son. The couple invested in the Derek Zoolander's Center For Kids Who Can't Read Good, which was destroyed two days after it opened and resulted in the death of Matilda. In 2009, Derek Zoolander was forced into hiding by the alias "Eric Toolander". In 2016, Zoolander's friend, Billy Zane informed the model to do another mission with his friend Hansel McDonald.

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